CKD Heavy-Duty Industrial Gear Oils

SINOPEC CKD Heavy-Duty Industrial Gear Oil is blended with high quality base oil of high viscosity index and multi-functional additive. It has perfect carrying ability, ensuring smooth operation of the heavy duty gears. The product comprises several grades such as 100, 150, 220, 320, 460, 680 and 1000 according to its kinematic viscosity at 40?C.



    ? Perfect carrying ability, ensuring smooth operation of gears, reducing scratch of gear surface, effectively reducing operation noise 

    ? Good thermal stability, strong anti-oxidation, reducing formation of various harmful oxides and sludge 

    ? Outstanding anti-corrosion performance, effectively inhibiting occurrence of corrosion and wear on parts 

    ? Good oil-water separation ability and anti-foaming performance with long service life 


    The product meets the following specifications: 

    ? GB 5903-95 (L-CKD) 

    ? Q/SH303 063-2007 

    ? AIST (US Steel) No.224 

    ? AGMA 9005-E02 EP 


    ? Suitable for lubrication of various closed gear transmission system working in severe conditions in such industries as steel, cement, power, mining and so on 

    ? Suitable for circulation lubrication system combined spur gear, bevel gear, spiral bevel gear and bearing 

Typical properties 

ItemsCKD heavy duty industrial gear oil
ISO viscosity grade1001502203204606801000
Kinematic viscosity (40?C), mm2/s98.761502173134326621059
Viscosity index9292939297103114
Flash point (COC), ?C248235242250238246246
Pour point, ?C-12-12-9-9-12-12-12


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