Worm Gear Oil

SINOPEC Worm Gear Oil is blended with high quality mineral base oil with high viscosity index and high performance additives.It is suitable for lubrication of worm reduction transmission and gear transmission device. Classified into two types of L-CKE and L-CKE/P (extreme pressure type), the product comprises several grades such as 320, 460 and 680 according to its kinematic viscosity at 40?C.



    ? Oil content additive formulation dedicated to worm gear transmission device, improving transmission efficiency 

    ? Good extreme pressure and anti-wear performance, reducing wear of worm wheel pairs 

    ? Good oxidation stability, reducing damage to steel, copper and sealing material 

    ? Balanced additive formulation, having anti-rust and anti-corrosion performance for nonferrous metal 


    The product meets the following specifications: 

    ? SH/T 0094-91 

    ? ISO 6743-6 L-CKE, L-CKE/P 


    ? Suitable for lubrication of closed worm gear transmission, e.g. gear driving machine of passenger and service lifts 

    ? L-CKE/P worm gear oil is especially suitable for copper-steel heavy duty worm gear reduction device with shock load 

Typical properties

ItemsL-CKE  Worm gear oilL-CKE/P  Worm gear oil
ISO  viscosity grade220320460680320460680
Kinematic  viscosity (40?C), mm2/s220.9329.5457.8682.3338.6474.4684.5
Flash  point (COC), t273276281278246261276

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