Heavy-Duty Open Gear Oils

SINOPEC Heavy Duty Industrial Open Gear Oil is blended with high quality base oil, multi-functional additive as well as solid lubrication material. Without heavy metal and chloridion, the product doesn’t need organic solvent when used, reducing hazards to the environment and human in process of operation. It meets the requirements of environment protection, suitable for lubrication of open gear chain and cable.The product comprises several grades such as 150, 220, 320 and 460 according to its kinematic viscosity at 100?C.



    ? Good fluidity and convenient usage, providing sufficient lubrication for large-sized slowly running gears 

    ? Designed aiming at lubrication characteristics of open gears, with good adhesive strength, ensuring lubrication requirement of open gears 

    ? Solid lubrication material provides protection in boundary lubrication condition, preventing metallic scuffing 

    ? Outstanding anti-wear performance, providing effective protection for equipment, prolonging 
service life of equipment 

    ? Non-solvent type and non-asphalt type product, without heavy metal and chlorine, reducing operation hazard, meeting current requirements of environment protection 


The product meets the following specifications: 

    ? Q/SH PRD153-2008 

    ? ISO 6743-6 L-CKM 


    ? Suitable for lubrication of various open running gears in air-swept coal mill, rotary kiln, clinker tube mill, sintering material mixer, overflow mill, debarker for industries such as cement, power, steel and so on 

    ? Suitable for lubrication of open or semi-closed gears running in slow speed, and of steel cable in severe and exposed work conditions 

    ? Suitable for lubrication device for open gear transmission equipped with automatically spray lubrication device of such brands as Lincoln, FARVAL, Vogel and so on 

Typical properties 

ItemsHeavy duty industrial open gear oil
ISO  viscosity grade220320460
Kinematic  viscosity (100?C), mm2/s217320.4461.3
Flash  point (COC), ?C242239258
Pour  point, ?C-9-9-6


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